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Hello dear one!

I hope you are having a wonderful week.

I am so excited to share some leadership insights from this past week. Every year the executive team and I plan a leadership kick-off meeting to start the new year. This in-person gathering sets the tone and creates alignment around our strategic focus. It helps us get on the same page about where we are going collectively.

Whether you are a business, have a business or apply to this yourself, we all need clarity about where we are going and WHY.

As I reflect, 3 things stand out:

  1. Leaders need a lot of energy
  2. Leaders that spend time worrying and in defense mode will never have enough energy to create change – movements
  3. Everyone is a leader (this transcends title)

Leaders need a lot of energy

It’s ok to be frustrated or react emotionally at times. We are not robots and are not perfectly programmed to always be calm and rational. However, a leader should have enough energy, self-awareness and consciousness to limit those types of outbursts. Our job is to serve, which means taking on our team’s issues and working through them, supporting them and listening even if it can feel taxing. If you are working for someone that responds this way, please know that their response likely has nothing to do with you. If you are responding in these ways, it means that your reserves are depleted, you are working through healing and may not be connected to your internal guidance system to recognize the triggers. When our energy is depleted, we cannot put others needs ahead of our own. Building your own morning routine is one of the best ways to begin creating sustainable energy.

Leaders that spend time worrying and in defense mode will never have enough energy to create change / movements.

This leads me to point #2. What if you spent the next 30 days leading your teams without anything to defend or prove? This is not about passivity, instead it is about observation of yourself. To create or execute on a change / movement, leaders need to focus on directing their energy in support of the solution. When leaders use their precious energy to discuss the same worries, when they constantly think about defending themselves/their teams, they are using their precious energy to fuel the wrong thing. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. When our attention is focused on the solution, all of our energy will also move in that direction. Unfortunately, I witness so much time being spent in resistance. This only takes away from the success of the change or the movement. It can be easy to fall into resistance patterns because people tend to connect during complaint sesssions and most corporate culture is flooded with energy vampires. Daily meditation, journaling and reflection and having a coach mirror back these behaviors can help you become more aware and open to change them.

Everyone is a leader

We all have the opportunity to use our energy to support a change / movement. This could be in our homes with our families, on our teams and in our businesses. We can either support or detract. Detractors waste their creative energy, thoughts and time complaining and rehashing the same old stories and issues repeatedly. Even though we may not be a “manager” or “VP”, how we show up in front of our colleagues sets the stage for collaboration, growth and success. In fact, we never know who will report to us and who we will report to, so it is even more critical to be deliberate about how we show up, no matter our title. Connecting daily with your internal guidance system can be one of the most effective ways to be intentional about how you want to show up. Gaining clarity and determining your “why” helps set the strategy or goal posts that make it easier for you to make decisions that are in alignment with said "why". Having a community of like-minded individuals helps you stay in check and keeps you focused on growth. Whether virtual or in person, masterminds have helped me accelerate my growth and awareness, which has helped grow my impact and income very quickly (I became an executive at the age of 34).

Your call to action, no matter what role you play in the organization, is to step up and get real with how you are showing up. It takes the same amount of energy to detract as it does to support a change or movement. Are your words, energy and actions detracting or contributing to your team/organization’s movement?

Many of us think we don’t have choice.

Every breath is an opportunity to reflect, choose and shift.

Would love to know what you think or if this resonates with you!



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