The WILL - How to Stay Grounded

First, I want to acknowledge you for staying strong, connected and present.

As a conscious feminine leader, you already know how important it is to be a grounding force during uncertainty and change.

I would love to share what I am doing and what you can do, to stay grounded and lead at home and at work. 

  1. Start with yourself and prioritize your practices, sleep, prayer, meditation, conscious breath
  2. Take a walk with your partner and kiddos
  3. Check-in with your friends and co-workers, send them a love note or a message that says I’m thinking about you
  4. It’s ok to feel uncertainty but we must trust in the divine timing of the universe/God’s plan
  5. How to trust? Surrender and when you feel like you have fully surrendered, surrender some more
  6. DANCE and move your body to release the fear-based stuff lodged in
  7. Keep fear-based media and news to a minimum (including social media that is really triggering worry)
  8. Trust - more numbers and more stories create more hype, as the CEO’s of our lives, we must lead the change with confidence and conviction and set boundaries for what we let in
  9. Use this as an opportunity to connect deeply with our families + have a loose schedule!
  10. Know deep in your heart that we all needed a pause button from the universe to revisit our DOING mentality, trust that we are learning the exact lessons we need to as a collective

Being a generator, I tend to go into action to help.

So, after my meditation practice this morning I was called to offer private one-on-one sessions for anyone in our community.

I am beyond excited to share this with you!

I would be honored to support and help you with whatever is weighing on you right now. As a leader in my business and a coach for so many women, having this daily practice and seeing how it has catapulted my career, family life and overall has been a game changer. I would love to help as many people as I can.

And, I would love to help you on your path if you are feeling called. 

Simply click here to schedule a call right now. 

My heart is bursting when I see how the women in the WILL mastermind have come together and also their perspective.

Here is a message a sister sent last night that I just had to share with you...

The WILL - Client Feedback

Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. I would love to know what’s coming up for you and how I can serve you during this time.

Sending so much love,