Hi sister,

I can’t believe we are going into week 6 of quarantine. Whoa.

It got me thinking about how far we have come.

  • back to the struggle of the times where I had left my boss’ office frustrated because I didn’t get the promotion
  • times when I just couldn’t figure out how HE or SHE got the next project or promotion and I didn’t
  • when I was questioning my purpose and what I was still doing in this job
  • when I just didn’t know what step to take next
  • then, I remember thinking I got the career part down and I was compromising my health or time with my family.

Here’s what I know now.

Getting it right was no accident.

It took work and it was a different sort of playbook than I had ever been taught before.

  • I have manifested every beautiful thing we have today,
  • a home near the ocean with spectacular schools in a warm supportive community
  • I have the career I have always wanted…
  • one where I have been able to work from home and not skip a beat, where I could present with my family while also achieving my personal goals of supporting more 1,000 women across the country.
  • I have the joy of working with women just like you, to help share the lessons I have learned to help you achieve your dreams too. 

Mostly, though, I am grateful for the tools I have acquired that allow me to have the energy to show up in all the ways for ALL of the people that I serve.

If we got quarantined years ago, I would have struggled for sure…mostly because I didn’t have the tools.

I struggled to be present at work and at home and whenever I failed in one aspect (and it was inevitable that I did) I would shame myself for not giving more or coming more prepared.

The me from back then, living in the 2020 quarantine state, would have been a woman trying to make everyone around her happy but ending each day exhausted and unfulfilled.

You might be thinking, what does this have to do with my career strategy?

Stay with me, love 😊.

Growing your career or business is not just about the work itself. It’s about having the clarity, energy and influence to show up as a conscious feminine leader and ultimately attract exactly what you desire.





And don’t forget the INCOME.

It’s why I’ve created the masterclass, Career Strategy Power Hour, to share the lessons that I learned the hard way on how to take command of your career, impact and income!

I’ll be hosting this masterclass on Tuesday, April 28th at 5pm EST.

We’ll go over 5 key lessons to help you develop your Career Strategy.

  1. Feminine Leadership = Influence, Magnetism, Radiance & Amplification
  2. Get CLEAR on the outcome you want
  3. Bust the blocks that are holding you back
  4. Convert mentors into sponsors to catapult your career!
  5. Eliminate financial fears

As a BONUS, I will also be doing a LIVE Coaching / Q+A at the end to give you personal support.

These lessons are the basis of the training I provide for my 6-figure mastermind members - it has helped them achieve their business and life goals!

This is a special event that I am so excited to share with you! Here are the deets:

When: Tuesday, April 28th at 5pm ET

Where: Zoom conference when you register here!

Why: Because what you want matters….your goals and dreams matter!

There will be a replay available if you can’t join live, but make sure to register to get access to it.

Sending you love and blessings!