Hi sister,

I can't believe this is the first time, I am sharing this framework.

I get so many questions about compensation and "getting paid what I am worth", that it was about time to share my 7-Step framework to help you earn more.

When is the last time you connected with your boss to share what was important to you?

Have you ever shared your VALUE (Value = strengths + personal values + ambitions)?

You might be wondering what this has to do with your compensation strategy?

First, your salary/compensation is not personal.

It is not a reflection of you as a person and please do not make the mistake of confusing your compensation with your worth. If you still feel that way right now, it’s ok, but it needs to change if you want to move beyond your current income level.

Once you realize that what you get paid has everything to do with your value to the organization and nothing to do with your personal worth, things will start to change for you.

Most importantly, when you can get clear and aligned with your boss about your VALUE, the compensation will follow!
Final reminder, there is no us v. them.

You are giving up your power and personal responsibility when you blame your company or boss because you are not getting what you think you deserve.


  • Test the market (interview if not sure, don’t just use salary websites, talk to colleagues and people you can trust about what is the general pay for your position. Keep this range loose and don’t stay fixed it to it. Remember, an abundant mindset is not limited. If we remain open and not fixated, we are allowing that even more may come in (and not just from one place i.e. salary).

  • Make sure you understand the company’s strategy and what’s important to your organization’s success. Seek it out, don't wait for them to tell you. They need to know if their communication approach is clearly communicating the strategy. Then clearly document how your goals and projects align to the company’s goals. If you are not quite sure, it’s a great opportunity to get clear and collaborate with your boss.

  • Get clear your strengths and personal values. Do not make the mistake of simply thinking about what job title you want next.

    • For example, one of my strengths is executing on new challenges and one of my core values is freedom. I feel extremely fulfilled when I have the freedom to operate on new initiatives and projects. If you are not sure what yours are quite yet, it’s ok, this is where a career coach may be able to help you get clear.

  • Communicate your above expectations and plan, your VALUE, to your boss to get his or her take. Are they seeing things the same way as you? Do the other leaders in the organization value these projects as well? Once you have alignment with your boss then communicate even more. Let other department heads and your colleagues know your strengths + values and most importantly how you can help them when an opportunity presents itself. Set up a meeting and give your boss a heads up and share materials in advance.

  • Don’t limit yourself to the pay of your current role and be SUPER clear. The conversation with your boss should be about asking for the support you need to get where you want to go.

    • Here is a sample talk track you can use: I would like to do the following types of work (my VALUE) and feel this aligns with where the organization going AND ultimately, I would like to make X. Do you have any recommendations, or could you please assist me in creating a plan to get there? (Note: if the department or organization’s values or measure of success do not align with yours be prepared for that as well. It might be the signal you need to start looking elsewhere).

  • Patience and persistence are everything. Don’t get discouraged from one conversation. Instead, keep the lines of communication open.

  • Hard work alone + burnout will not get you results. Alignment is the new hustle. Keep showing up in high vibration, demonstrating your value, communicating patiently and opportunities will open. Don’t burn yourself out to show how valuable you are and then be better if things don’t happen on some arbitrary timeline. I certainly don’t value burnout and if that’s what it takes to get a promotion where you are currently working, then you may want to think twice about whether it is the best place for your well-being.

I know how hard it can be to get clarity and have these conversations, which is why I do the work I do to support women just like you, Jelena.

This framework is a great start and if it feels daunting to do alone, I offer a few 90 min Career Clarity sessions each month, where we cover anything from personal branding, career growth and compensation to helping you get clarity what to do next, especially if you are feeling burnout, overwhelm or are looking to make a career transition.

Please don’t hesitate to replay back to this email for more information or send me a message on Instagram @spiritsoulexec.

Sending love and peace,

P.S. Career Clarity Sessions include the following:

  1. 90 min of 1:1 time with ME to map out your custom career plan.
  2. Access to 3 online courses, Money Mindset, Women's Business + Manifestation that will teach you how be in flow + receive v. always grinding and hustling.
  3. 7 days of email access to me for any follow-up work.

Send me a message if this feels like it could be helpful for you! Or book a call right here!