the WILL Mastermind

Does this sound like you?

The newly budding corporate super star who knows she is capable of something bigger but lacks the WILL to move to the next level.

The powerhouse career woman who is ready to take her career to the next level and hit her first six-figures.

The six-figure-earner whose success feels like a heavy weight that is keeping her from building momentum and pivoting toward her passion and that next income level.

The devoted mom who swallows mounting guilt in her pursuit of an ambitious career because she longs to be with her kids.

Yes, It's me

What will your life look like in 6 months, if you keep doing what you are doing today?

There is another way…

The WILL is a custom empowerment program exclusively designed for women. Through a combination of curriculum, mentorship and sponsorship we will help YOU to discover your own WILL to find fulfillment.

CREATE clarity to tap into your passion and purpose.

FAST TRACK your financial success in order to change the trajectory of your family’s (and future family’s) lives.

LEAD in all areas of your life with confidence and grace.

DESIGN a life that supports you as a woman, caretaker, mother and provider.

EVOLVE your gifts through small daily acts that create monumental change.

Jelena has helped women tap into their inner voice so they can lead in all aspects of their life.

Happy Clients

"In this time, I—as Jelena would put it—have leveled up: I’ve built a high-performing team, earned two promotions, increased my earnings, created and maintained strong relationships with coworkers, family and friends alike, created space for activities I love outside of work, and most importantly, discovered more purpose in each day. "

Eve H.

I have found a new sense of calm in all areas of my life. I am learning to ask for help. It’s not shameful but an opportunity to grow. Finally, I have opened my friend group to amazing women and it has been a transformative experience!


I was at a very crucial turning point in my life and she (Jelena) appeared like a bad-ass fairy godmother. And after a few really hard years I feel like I’m finally standing tall and showing up in all aspects of my life as the person I want to be. It’s still a work in progress but I literally feel my power coming back and continuing to grow. I feel it in my interactions at work, in how I show up for my loved ones, in how I see myself in the mirror.


The WILL program helped me claim my power back to create the life I want, build resilience to not take things so personally and to be in control of my emotions. I can see the difference between reaction and response and it’s enhanced my relationships at work, in my marriage, and with family and friends! I have moved into a space of truly enjoying my life.

Amanda S.

Before the WILL mastermind, I had trouble committing to anything, had very low self-confidence and self-worth. I really can’t express my gratitude with words!! I am beyond grateful for Jelena's guidance in my life as I have been able to become my true self while also achieving my goals.


I have grown immensely. We, as a family, are in the best place we’ve been in together, ever. I have you and this group you created, to thank for that. I am celebrating that I now make a daily commitment to myself, meditations are my jam ;) and I love having a group of women at my fingertips to support me.

Marija K.

Eve H.
Amanda S.
Marija K.

My Story of Small, Monumental Change

I used to think that I didn’t have the power to make an impact on my own. I started my career in financial services (insert mortgage crisis and themes from the movie The Big Short). Yikes! I quickly moved to Data and Technology. I remember thinking to myself “Surely, this was the way to go! Use data to help companies make better decisions.” It sounded so cool. But, I needed a little bit more. That’s when I stumbled into Healthcare Technology. Yes! We were helping hospitals. That’s awesome. But, the space is complicated with insurance companies, government involvement and constrained budgets. How could we ever move the needle in this environment? After a lot of work and disappointment, I came to the realization that while I was in alignment with the work I was doing, it wasn’t making enough of an impact for me to feel fulfilled.

Then I became a mother. My world was turned upside down. My partner and I both had demanding careers with some travel. In that first year, he would sometimes be gone for 10 days at a time leaving me to work, take care of the babes, the house and what felt like all the things. I was tired. I knew there had to be more to life. More than to-do lists, day-care woes, meetings and schedules.

Click below to continue to read my story…it gets juicy friends.

Read my story

“Well, my dear, the first and biggest step is believing the life you want is possible.”

— Brian Andreas

Introducing the WILL Mastermind

You will experience:

Bi-weekly group coaching calls and mentorship ($2,000 value)
  • Access to select curriculum - Clarity, Self Care, Money Mindset, Business & Manifestation ($1000 value)
  • A power-packed kick-off coaching session with Jelena to launch your experience in this life-shifting program ($2500 value)
  • Sponsorship from a community of leaders to partner and collaborate with on various projects
  • An exclusive and exceptional online community for daily interaction and support in-between calls
  • Weekly group live chats and check-ins to help you stay on track and accountable to your vision
  • Bonus content exclusively created for individual members, that will teach you WILL.
  • But, most of all, a coach and mentor that shows up for you every day.

“Well, my dear, the first and biggest step is believing the life you want is possible.”

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Inside the WILL Mastermind, I will share:

  • How I hit six-figures in just 5 years after graduating college and eliminated all of my debt in 2 years to be financially free.
  • How I retired my husband from his demanding IT career and manifested our family's dream life.
  • How I grew my career to be passion and purpose-driven, empowering thousands of women on a daily basis.
  • How I developed the confidence to speak in front of thousands of people live and on video.
  • How I got a seat at the table in the Boardroom and within the boy’s club.
  • How I lead a company that serves thousands of women nationwide.
  • How I teach women, lead retreats, coach and balance all of this while being the most loving, present version of myself for my family and loved ones.
  • How I created a work/life integration to have it all and how you can too!

The most amazing part? I created this while being the woman, mama, wife, daughter and student I was born to be…

The Woman’s Intentional Life Lessons

is comprised of curriculum, mentorship and sponsorship. Each lesson was carefully selected based on aspects of a woman’s life that may empower her in realizing her potential.


5 Lessons, 30+ interactive online modules

15+ yoga & meditation practice videos

Topics addressed include Clarity, Self-Care, Women’s Business, Money Mindset and Women’s Manifestation. For each lesson you’ll be given a reflection activity to journal your thoughts as well as a meditation and yoga practice to reinforce your learning!


6 months of 1:1 + group coaching

You can’t do it alone. Getting the support of other like-minded women and a coach with a heart-centered approach will help create lasting change. The weekly zoom calls are live video and include a new lesson, meditation, live coaching and more!


6 months of support from like-mind powerhouse women

Includes partnership and accountability plus connections with other women in various industries that are here to help you get your next job, spruce up your resume, cheer you on and connect with you the right person for your next move. This is unlike any other program out there!